On March 16, 2021, eight women were killed in Atlanta, six of which were members of the Asian community. The increasingly violent attacks on the Asian community have only grown.

These hate crimes, exacerbated by the anti-Asian rhetoric surrounding COVID-19, total over 3,795 incidents against Asian Americans reported since March 2020, 503 of these occurring in 2021 alone. As members of the USF community, we cannot ignore these continued senseless acts of domestic terrorism targeting marinalized racial groups. The USF-Tampa English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) stands with the Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander community, rejecting hatred, racism and xenophobia in all forms.

As members of the USF-Tampa community, we aim to provide educational resources to continue the redress of racism. We have included a list of resources to begin the work of listening, not only on the history and continued violence, but on the daily ways in which this hate is embedded into the world and the work yet to be done as an ally:


Local (USF)

In these efforts, we continue our original calls from the Anti-racism and inclusivity statement made in June following the murders of innocent black people. Join us in doing the work. In the coming days, learn about the history of anti-Asian violence and find ways to help in your communities denounce all forms of white supremacy. We ask that you take care of yourselves and one another in these efforts. #StopAsianHate

Monthly EGSA Trivia & Game Night!

EGSA will be holding a monthly trivia & game night for all graduate students on the following dates from 7pm-9pm:

  • February 26th
  • March 26th
  • April 30th

We’ll be using two Jackbox games (Quiplash & Trivia Murder Party), each of which last for 10-15 minutes, and sharing them through MS teams (available via email: egsa.usf.tampa@gmail.com).

The first game will start at 7:10pm to give everyone time to settle in and, as always, feel free to drop by as your schedule allows.

The EGSA Team

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